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Mystery of the Flying FishMystery of the Flying Fish

Can Mario solve the mystery of the flying fish and save the Mushroom Kingdom? This mini version offers plenty of challenges.

Super Mario World Plus 6Super Mario World Plus 6

Rumors persist of a sunken ship filled with treasure in a mysterious land of Kelpa. Can Mario find the lost treasure?

Super Mario World Plus 4Super Mario World Plus 4

One day Mario sets sail on his boat but a terrible storm causes him to crash on an island. Will Mario ever escape?

Super Mario 3 TorvaSuper Mario 3 Torva

A very colorful and different take on Super Mario Bros 3. Seven worlds. At least 95 levels. Can you make it to the end and save the princess?

Mario 3 Fae Earrings EditionMario 3 Fae Earrings Edition

The game contains eight worlds each of them complete with distinguishable graphics and at least 125 accessible levels.

Super Mario World Plus 2Super Mario World Plus 2

The peaceful land called Mystical Island has been taken over by Mozart. The Blue Yoshi will aid you on your quest!

Super Mario World Plus 3Super Mario World Plus 3

Toad told Mario to come to this land but an imposing Guard Fortress blocks the entrance...

Super Mario World WinterSuper Mario World Winter

Completely redone levels featuring a wintry theme and lots of new challenges for Mario to take on.

Mario WednesdayMario Wednesday

This game has a completely new world to explore including new sprites and levels.

Mario World Death LandMario World Death Land

This game consists of ten levels. Expect it to be harder than the original game but not as hard as some of the version out there.

Super Mario World PlusSuper Mario World Plus

Bowser's brother Mozart (what?) has kidnapped the Princess and all the Yoshis too. Only Mario can save the day!

New Super Mario Bros TMNew Super Mario Bros TM

Explore 8 worlds of 80 levels. Use the Blue Shell and Super Mushroom to aid your rescue of Princess Peach.

Yet Another Mario WorldYet Another Mario World

A fantastic albeit difficult version of Super Mario World that is still loads of fun to play.

Mario the ArchaeologistMario the Archaeologist

Mario is sent out by Peach to get her some artifacts. Mario must explore ancient pyramids and old catacombs in search of special treasures for Princess Peach.

Mario The Archaeologist 2Mario The Archaeologist 2

The second chapter to the story of Mario the Archaeologist. Collect the artifacts that Peach desires and complete the game.

Robos Super Mario 3Robos Super Mario 3

A fantastic version of Super Mario 3 with all new worlds to explore. There is a stage in World 7 without an exit. you will have to find the red music note block to exit!

Mario 2 Black Sheep DreamMario 2 Black Sheep Dream

A more difficult version of Super Mario 2 featuring 20 new levels to challenge you. All 20 worlds have been changed to accommodate the “B” run.

Luigis ChroniclesLuigis Chronicles

Now that Ghosts have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is gone, Luigi in on an adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom from his greatest fear.

Mario 3 Some Usual DayMario 3 Some Usual Day

This is a complete version of Super Mario Bros 3, featuring 4 new worlds and 1 secret world! All worlds are filled with new levels, new graphics, and more!

Super Mario World UltimaSuper Mario World Ultima

A short but challenging 2 level version featuring sharp new graphics. There is also 1 secret exit. Can you find it?

Mario Ultimate Mayhem 5Mario Ultimate Mayhem 5

ario must explore the legendary mirror world or mystery in this awesome version.

SMW Princess RescueSMW Princess Rescue

This version is more focused on the vanila elements and the level design, it features new levels, custom music, Super Mario World and Super Mario Maker Graphics...

Princess Rescue 2 Luigis JourneyPrincess Rescue 2 Luigis Journey

Here you plays as Luigi in an adventure to save Princess Daisy behind the scenes of Mario’s adventure on the first game.

Mario World Boss CollectionMario World Boss Collection

The player is able to fight against 77 bosses, including all the original Super Mario World bosses, bosses from other games, and bosses created by other users!

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