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The game features all the retro goodness you love from the classic game. Throw turtle shells and drop banana peels to your enemies to secure victory and win the Mushroom Cup! Only the one player mode works on this version. What's better than playing Mario! Riding cars and having your typical plumber at the finish line! Super Mario Kart built on the characters from the Super Mario franchise. In this game, the player will control the eight characters in the series with their own unique capabilities. Capabilities you can use in winning each race. During races in Super Mario Kart, you can use speed boosts and power-ups to gain an advantage. Lagging? Throw a trap for other players to catch up. Three modes are available for the player, Single-player which lets you play with computer-controlled racers. Multi-player, where you can play with a friend, and Battle Mode, defeat other players by attacking them and destroying balloons surrounding your Kart. Tracks are based on Super Mario World. Each of the four cups contains five different tracks that equal to twenty. Tracks have impassable barriers that give bends from sharp hairpins to wide curves that players can slide around. As you run through the races, top speeds show the difference between players and handling and acceleration. Power-ups are specific to each character, Yoshi for example, will drop eggs that will cause you to spin, and Donkey Kong will throw bananas at the player. Put the pedal to the metal as you drive and collect power-ups, and celebrate your way through victory!
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