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Super Mario Bros. 3 is a universally acclaimed platformer developed and published by Nintendo and released on the NES in 1988. Praised in its time as “the Mona Lisa of gaming”, it stands firm as the third best selling NES game of all time and was cherished for its replayability, charming graphics, and “absolutely impossible to put down” gameplay.

Super Mario Bros 3Mix (a play on the word “remix”) adds a wide variety of new features to the original Super Mario Bros. 3 and prides itself on taking aspects from other Mario titles and implementing them seamlessly for a simultaneously unique but familiar experience for ardent Mario fans.

Players will find many new enemies and challenges while enjoying Super Mario Bros 3Mix as well as changes to items (such as swapping out Frog for Penguin) and a slew of game alterations to various elements to match the theme of the world/level they are presented on.

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