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Mario Kart Super CircuitMario Kart Super Circuit

Get into the track and race with your favorite Mario Superstars in this retro racing game!

Super Mario AdvanceSuper Mario Advance

The game features updated visuals and sound quality and is created for the GameBoy Advance. Unlike the base game, Super Mario Advance is a lot more challenging.

Mario Party AdvanceMario Party Advance

Choose a character and get ready to party! Drive a car around the party board and participate in various mini-games in Mario Party Advance!

Mario Luigi Superstar Saga PlusMario Luigi Superstar Saga Plus

An RGP style Mario game where you select your moves and beat up baddies. You can also jump over their attacks.

Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshis IslandSuper Mario Advance 3 Yoshis Island

The game follows the same story as its predecessor in which Yoshi and Baby Mario must save Baby Luigi after he is kidnapped by Kamek.

Mario vs Donkey KongMario vs Donkey Kong

Released in 2004, this puzzle platform game seeks to revive the age old rivalry between Donkey Kong and Mario.

Mario Pinball LandMario Pinball Land

Help Mario to get points. he is ready to get some points and you can help. Just play pinball and try to maximize your points in this game without losing a ball.

Mario Golf Advance TourMario Golf Advance Tour

Hit the links real quick as Mario, Luigi, Princess, or Donkey Kong or play story mode and build up your character.

Mario The Last GBA QuestMario The Last GBA Quest

There are 7 levels, each one contain one hidden PlayerAdvance Coin. You need to find all of these PA coins to go to the 8th level and rescue Peach.

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