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Kola Kingdom Quest

Mario & Luigi: Kola Kingdom Quest is a reboot of Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn. This 74-level version uses many of the same tilesets and music tracks, and World themes, but contains completely redesigned levels and a new, much less blocky Overworld. It also features REAL HDMA gradients and custom Layer 3 images. Difficulty is probably comparable to the average Mario game. It starts out easy, but gets harder as the game progresses.
This is a very fun version. It feels like an original idea and the sprite work is well done. The overworlds are well designed as well. It also features an autosave system which makes it feel more like a modern Mario game. There are also changes to the gameplay screen like the coins and star coins not always being displayed at the top. Whenever you get a coin or star coin theres a little display that pops up but goes away.
While Mario, Luigi, and friends were vacationing in the Kola Kingdom, Bowser captured the Mushroom Kingdom!

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