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Super Mario Bros II 1998Super Mario Bros II 1998

When Bowser is defeated for the last time, Peach can finally be saved although her sprites seem to be glitching indescribably.

New Strange Mario BrosNew Strange Mario Bros

This game is fantastic. Fun to play, challenging but not too challenging, and best of all it really is strange. Enjoy!

Super Mario 3 Around The WorldSuper Mario 3 Around The World

There are 22 levels in total; 11 Egyptian-themed, 6 Aztec-themed, and 5 Arctic-themed.

Super Mario Bros WorldSuper Mario Bros World

Mario has hearts (kind of like Mario 2) and cannot jump on enemies to defeat them. Use your fireballs wisely as you can run out pretty quickly.

Super Mario World 64Super Mario World 64

Super Mario World but for the Sega Genesis. Plays very much like the original for the SNES.

Mario 4 Space OdysseyMario 4 Space Odyssey

When an alien warns Mario and Luigi of an interstellar threat from outer space, it is up to them to save the world!

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