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Mario Bros Lost Levels 2Mario Bros Lost Levels 2

Plays like Mario 1 but with improved graphics and the overworld map of Super Mario World. A bit choppy at times.

Mario Return to Dinosaur LandMario Return to Dinosaur Land

All the levels and worlds are new, and some of the worlds have themes not present in the original game, such as a water world and an ice world.

Franks Super Mario WorldFranks Super Mario World

A difficult but not super unbelievably Kaizo difficult Mario World game that veterans should love but newbs will not.

Marios Crystal Island AdventureMarios Crystal Island Adventure

Our hero has crash landed on a strange land. Oh and Princess Peach has gone and got herself captured again!

Super Mario Bros 7Super Mario Bros 7

Super Mario World but completely redesigned with new levels and sprites and lots of other good stuff.

Super Mario Joybush RoadSuper Mario Joybush Road

Mario went for a walk one day and suddenly found himself lost! Can he find his way back home?

Super Mario OmegaSuper Mario Omega

Princess has been kidnapped and taken to the mysterious Gemtoa region. Mario must battle the Koopa Kids to save her!

Mario Must DieMario Must Die

Bowser got tired of losing all the time so he hired some devious engineers to design horribly difficult levels. Also, some segments are kinda fast-paced.

Mario World Kameks IslandMario World Kameks Island

This version features 70 levels and 82 exits spread across 7 worlds. Difficulty ranges from easy in the early levels to medium-hard near the end-game.

Mario The Last GBA QuestMario The Last GBA Quest

There are 7 levels, each one contain one hidden PlayerAdvance Coin. You need to find all of these PA coins to go to the 8th level and rescue Peach.

Marios Double TroubleMarios Double Trouble

Big Boo has captured Princess Peach! Mario must traverse the dangerous Fanta Fields in order to rescue her.

Marios KeytastropheMarios Keytastrophe

Upon hearing the news of a new land called Melodia, Mario quickly hurries to see the wonders of it. However, he will see far more...

Marios Castle TrialMarios Castle Trial

Mario must navigate through some tricky castles as well as the levels beyond in this short but fun version.

Mario Elemental QuestMario Elemental Quest

A familiar starting message but an unfamiliar world await Mario in this one. Has all new levels to play.

Mario Master 2Mario Master 2

Mario Master 2 is a very cool version of Super Mario World. New levels, graphics, and well thought out enemy placements to challenge the seasoned Mario gamer.

Master Mario Bros SMWMaster Mario Bros SMW

A fun version with challenging new levels to play through and some new tiles as well. Hint: You need the Yellow Switches active to go right at the beginning!

Mario Kart DSMario Kart DS

Choose from 8 characters, a fun array of tracks including retro tracks, time trials, or missions mode.

Return To Super Mario WorldReturn To Super Mario World

Princess Peach has been kidnapped yet again. A whole new version to explore with all new levels and some new gfx too.

Super Mario WussSuper Mario Wuss

That keeps all the original SMW levels, but removes all the enemies, covers up pits, and has extra lives galore.

Mario World Hell EditionMario World Hell Edition

Prepare to face a world of carnage and destruction that lies under Super Mario World.

Mushroom NightmareMushroom Nightmare

It features a new storyline, as the brothers aren’t trying to save the Princess anymore, it’s the Chancellor they’re after.

Super Mario 2 2nd RunSuper Mario 2 2nd Run

It’s the same SMB2 game we all love, but with entirely new levels. Game difficulty is easy to moderate but rises from moderate to nightmare for worlds 6 and 7.

Mario Bermuda TriangleMario Bermuda Triangle

Mario has sailed into the Bermuda Triangle! A storm has crashed your ship on a mysterious island. Can you escape?

Super Mario World Plus 5Super Mario World Plus 5

A prequel to the original Super Mario World that tells the story of how Mario became the hero he is today.

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