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Dr MarioDr Mario

The levels start out slow and easy but get considerably harder as you go. To clear a level, eliminate all the viruses.

Mario GolfMario Golf

Mario hits the links in this golf game. Line up your shot as best you can and put the ball in the hole.

Blue Mario BrosBlue Mario Bros

Fan made revision of Super Mario 3 but now Mario is blue and much of the world is also. This game has tons of levels. Not too hard but not easy at all either.

Superstar Mario WorldSuperstar Mario World

While Mario was asleep, Bowser didn't just kidnapp Peach, but also the Yoshi's and Luigi! they need to be saved! Have fun! With 7 Worlds and over 50 Levels.


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Marios Time MachineMarios Time Machine

Marios Time Machine is a NES game but with Super Mario World graphics which makes for an interesting combination.

Mario and Luigi Coin QuestMario and Luigi Coin Quest

Collecting coins is what you do in this Mario game. There are a lot of stagnant levels to play through filled with enemies and obstacles to conquer.

Mario Luigi Superstar Saga PlusMario Luigi Superstar Saga Plus

An RGP style Mario game where you select your moves and beat up baddies. You can also jump over their attacks.

Princess Peachs CreamPrincess Peachs Cream

Starring Princess Peach herself, this difficult version that will test your skills. Can you even beat level 1?

Yoshis Strange QuestYoshis Strange Quest

This classic features 71 new levels, plenty of unique gimmicks, and the usually silliness and weirdness that you would expect from a game starring Yoshi.

Super Mario HeartlessSuper Mario Heartless

A five world mini classic with multiple ways to end the game. Which way will you choose?

Marios Strange QuestMarios Strange Quest

Mario embarks on a quest to find the seven Yoshi eggs that Bowser stole. Why did Bowser steal the eggs in the first place? You have to play to find out!

Master Mario BrosMaster Mario Bros

Shoot up all the Goombas as quickly as you can in this version.

Gywalls Super Mario WorldGywalls Super Mario World

A Mario World version featuring Rainbow Road but with a vast array of enemies in your way. Can you beat this level?

Super Mario 2D LandSuper Mario 2D Land

Super Mario 2D Land a fun revision of SMW created by a fan. This game has a great story and is very fun to play with great unique level design and graphics.

Super Wario WorldSuper Wario World

Wario has entered a strange new world full of ice, enemies, and a whole lot of mystery. WARNING - game is a bit glitchy.

Dr Mario for GameBoyDr Mario for GameBoy

In Doctor Mario, you match up similar colors of the falling pills to destroy the viruses.

Yoshis CookieYoshis Cookie

Clear the playing field of all the cookies to beat each level in this puzzle game. When a single row or column contains all cookies, it is cleared.

Princess and Daisy Ultimate QuestPrincess and Daisy Ultimate Quest

This is a Super Mario 3 new version that has been completely reworked. Princess Peach and Daisy go on a quest to save the kingdom and explore a mysterious world.

Mario World ImprovementMario World Improvement

This version try to make the game more similar to the SNES version, improving gameplay and graphics.

Super Luigi LandSuper Luigi Land

Luigi embarks on a quest to save Princess Daisy from the evil clutches of the spaceman Tatanga.

Super Mario Land 2 DXSuper Mario Land 2 DX

Another gameboy rom version that changes colors but also adds the ability to play as Luigi with different physics.

Warios WoodsWarios Woods

Toad must match the monsters colors to clear them in this puzzle game featuring Wario as the antagonist.

Coolmarios Super Mario WorldCoolmarios Super Mario World

A fun rom version of Super Mario World with all new levels to challenge the heck out of you. Good luck!

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