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Super Mario Bros. Walkthrough

Super Mario Bros. game is set up as eight worlds divided into four levels each. In each level, Mario must run or swim through the level, dodging enemies and obstacles while grabbing power-ups and coins.

World 1-1 - Run from the start of the stage, and take the fourth green pipe from the start, and run quickly through the coin room, and complete the stage.

World 1-2 - At the final part of the level with the orange platforms moving up and down, anticipate their presence and jump to the first set of platforms that are droping, to the top of the blue platform in the middle, to the next set of platforms that are rising, and make it to the top of the screen in one fluid motion.

World 4-1 - Beat as normal. To save time, it is possible to jump over the piranha plants. Your jumps have to be timed perfectly though otherwise Mario will be killed by the plants.

World 4-2 - Towards the beginning of the level, there are a number of "?" blocks with an orange platform to the right of them. Go over this platform and you'll see three brick blocks above you. The left-most block has a beanstalk which will take you to the warp zone for world 8-1. Stand directly underneath the right-most block and jump. An invisible coin block will appear. Go underneath the middle block and a higher up coin block will appear. Now use these blocks that have appeared as stairs. Move Mario so he is standing on the highest "?" block and is underneath the far left brick. Jump to make the beanstalk appear. Destroy the center brick and climb up the beanstalk. Go to the very right hand side of the level and again go down the very left pipe. You will now be in World 8-1.

World 8-1 to 8-4 - beat as normal. You will complete the game using only a quarter of the levels and in only a fraction of the time.

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